Comments from participants who have completed the Mindful Way series.

This course has been offered since 2010 and several dozen people have participated.

I have made huge changes in long standing areas of difficulty and distress in my life. What is even more amazing is that this change has happened without any great effort other than doing the practices and attending the sessions. I am confident I have tools to sustain lasting beneficial change in my life. To move through the world with greater gentle and humility and being far more at peace with myself.

— Senior Health professional

The mindfulness training was fantastic. Marijke and Lisa ‘s dignified, wise and gentle way of guiding us through the practices has heightened my self awareness and made me realise that everything I need is within me.

— 40yr Corporate consultant

This work has been timely for me as I work through major change in my life. I feel re-awakened and a deeper connection to myself and have found the programme relevant to all aspects of my life and work. The facilitators are role models for gentle and kind reflection and deliver the programme in a thoughtful safe and welcoming environment.

— Leader of Not for Profit

This course came at a time in my life where the pain of being “how I was” wasn’t worth it anymore. I have learnt an amazing amount about how I can choose to respond differently to what life brings me and with that comes a degree of self- acceptance.

— Consultant Health Professional

I feel calmer and more in control of my life. I feel empowered to respond to my life rather than just reacting to it. The best “me-time” I given myself in years.

— Mother and part time lecturer.

This course has given me the tools to better manage the busyness of everyday life and appreciate those things that add richness and balance.

— Business professsional

Living in the present moment is far more enjoyable than worrying about the future or holding on to past hurts. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to live more presently, to reduce the stress in their lives or to find a way to take control of automatic self defeating behaviours. A year and a half ago my partner and I were about to break the relationship. We argued a lot and both felt unhappy with each other. We went to couples therapy to try to make things work. The therapy was very tough, but very good. The idea was to confront our own issues and weaknesses, take responsibilities for our actions and be compassionate with each other. After one very painful year of therapy we were at our worst. We couldn’t handle it, but didn’t know how. Mindfulness and meditation has given us the tools to be more objective about our own behaviour and be compassionate about each other. It was like magic.

— Partner mother and researcher.

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