At Mindful Psychology I offer psychological assessment, consultation and therapy for individuals and couples. I also offer supervision and consultation to peers and colleagues.

New Referrals
I am available to take new referrals for individual therapy and couple therapy. Referrals for diagnostic assessment of ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition/formerly Aspergers Syndrome) will be received. Please note for 2023 the diagnostic assessment appointments are full. Requests can be made to be placed on the cancellation list for 2023.

Therapeutic Approach
My therapeutic approach draws from several modes of psychological treatment within a body-mind framework. Each situation and person/couple is unique thus my goal is to use the treatment approach that best matches the situation.

I am familiar with Systems Approach, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Schema Therapy, Mindfulness, and the psychoanalytic traditions of Jung and Freud.

Areas of Speciality
      • Relationship therapy – couple therapy and sex therapy
      • Diagnostic assessment of adults on the ASC spectrum or/and ADHD
      • Dealing with depression, dispiritedness, despair & dysthymia
      • Women who are challenged by their alcohol use
      • Treating the effects of PTSD
      • Dealing with worry and anxiety
      • Work and life balance
      • Relationship issues in the workplace
      • Stress and Occupational Burnout
      • Adjustment to life transitions and change, grief & loss
      • Personality, trauma, self esteem and identity issues
      • Post separation distress and with regard to children identifying the best contact arrangements
      • Offering Mindfulness training as a preventative approach to repeated episodes of depression and anxiety and developing awareness towards work life balance
      • Assessment and intervention of adults with alcohol and drug issues
  • Professional supervision

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