Comments from participants who have done the course

This course has been offered since 2003 and several hundred people have participated.

At this stage of my life I have found this programme to be literally life saving. I have discovered a new compassion for myself and for where I am right now and tolerance of my physical flaws.

— 45yr with long history of depression

This course has given me a whole new way of being with my low/depressive thoughts and feelings. Before it was like they were the enemy and I was really fearful of them. That fear would often escalate to something that didn’t need to escalate. Being curious, friendly and compassionate towards these thoughts and feelings is very new for me- freeing. Watching those thoughts and feelings pass like a weather patterns has been enlightening and most helpful. I am no longer afraid and much more connected to myself.

— 40 yr history of depression and anxiety

I feel it’s a programme that teaches life-long skills that won’t “date”. Distraction was working for me ….however eventually the Black Dog would return. With the practices from this programme and perseverance the ‘black’ has diminished and now I work with him instead of fear him.

— 55 yr old manager

This course was group based and that pushed me out of my comfort zone. It validated my long standing beliefs in this type of help (it had not previously been available).

— 50 yr health professional

It has been important for me to do a second mindfulness course as it has deepened my sense of the way the course ‘builds’ through the weeks – my home practice is now integrated into daily life. The retreat day is a very special part of the course- nurturing to self in the undemanding company of others.

— 56yr old teacher

The course has been a positive experience. I never thought I would get nearly so much out of this course as I did. Finding happiness, appreciation and an understanding of my self feels great. Even though 2hrs a week is not huge and the practice takes up a lot of time, when I look at the overall effects and feelings, having completed the course, it has had a great impact on my mood, goals and day to day activities. Would highly recommend it. The retreat was amazing.

— 23yr Health professional

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