FAQ’s regarding the Train the Trainers course offered by Timothea Goddard facilitator of the Train the Trainers programme June 2013

I am already teaching mindfulness approaches. Is this training suitable for me?
This training is for people who already have some experience with mindfulness, and is appropriate for even those who have already begun teaching mindfulness-based programs. Over the years we have had many trainees with years of retreat and teaching experience, who have benefited greatly from the specificity and focus on skills development, and personal exploration of the role of “teacher” in the intensive training, as well as up to date curriculum and practice information from the Center for Mindfulness perspective.

Will I be able to teach MBSR after this training?
Most participants in this course find that after the training, they are able to begin teaching MBSR, with some supervision of the first couple of courses. During the training, many people discover areas of further development for themselves (eg the need for further yoga immersion, meditation retreats, etc). Oftentimes, these can be undertaken while beginning teaching.

Will this course lead to certification as an MBSR teacher?
There is no certification offered by a New Zealand or Australian body at this time, and most MBSR teachers who want to be officially accredited as an MBSR teacher, apply directly to the Center for Mindfulness, UMass for certification. This process is competency-based and involves you having taught at least 4 courses, and providing a video of your teaching and other materials (course book and CDs) that you have generated. So certification comes out of an integrated experience of teaching over time.

How does this course fit in with the CFM training pathway?
This course will be recognised by the CFM as a pathway to attend more advanced trainings with the CFM (eg the Teacher Development Intensive) and also as part of the training pathway to be fully accredited. Bob Stahl is on the faculty of the CFM.

Where can I do a retreat?
Marijke has put a list of appropriate NZ and Australian retreats on her website:

How is the training being organised?
Bob and I, through Openground will be dealing with any professional and personal matters that may arise for you in the application process and beyond including prerequisites, personal practice, and readiness.
Marijke Batenberg of Mindful Psychology will be handling the practical matters to do with invoicing and receipting, the venue, dietary requirements etc.

How do I apply?
1. Complete the application form and send it to Astrid at: info@openground.com.au
This is available at: http://www.openground.com.au/ogintpract_nz.html
Your application will be assessed by myself and Bob and we will be in touch within two weeks to let you know whether you are accepted or not. As you know, there are a few pre-requisites for the training, and these can be completed over the next 9 months.

2. Pay the initial deposit
Once accepted, you will be invoiced for a deposit of $100 to hold your place in the course.

3. Full payment of course fees.
In April of 2013, you will be invoiced for the rest of the course fees.

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